Youth Unemployment – Gold Coast (.au)

Youth Unemployment on the Gold Coast (Australia)

In the latest regional data for January 2015, Gold Coast youth unemployment (15 – 24 years) was reported at 12.0%, down from 12.3% in December 2014. The moving average for the year ended January 2015 was 14.6% against a series average of 11.6% (n=196).

Highs & Lows (15 – 24 years old)

Highest Monthly totals: 19.9% in February 2010; 19.5% in March 2001.
Lowest Monthly totals: – 2.5% in Nov 2007; 3.5% in August 2008.

In terms of seasonal trends the monthly figures will be higher in the period February to June, as the labour market absorbs school leavers and graduates. The July to December period is when official figures are historically lower.

Employment Growth Projections

Employment growth* on the Gold Coast in the next three years is likely to be better in retail, health care and social assistance, and education and training.

* Employment Growth Projections by industry, accessed at on 26 Feb 2015.


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